Title: The Curious Case of a Cashless Society
Author: Ben H
Visitor Count: 996

I was at Tesco's buying some food and I went to the self checkout.
I noticed that out of the 10 stations, 5 (all in one row) were offline, The screens were faced up

Of the 5 remaining only 1 took cash.
I had my card but it was better that I paid with cash.

Needless to say I waited, while those with cash, went one by one.

I pondered why the 5 machine's where offline.

Some of the machines were new and all could take both cash and card payments.

I have also observed on previous visits that they have changed the mode of these machines from cash/card to card only.

could it be a way to encourage us to use card payments more often?

Who knows.

I will observe and see what happens